We started testing rackets in 2014 using 7 simple test to score rackets with (find out about our story here) In 2017 we added in depth video reviews onto the Badminton Racket Review E-Zone product pages which further enhanced the information available. All rackets tested and reviewed up to 2019 were put through 7 key test in exactly the same way ensuring consistent and comparable results across all rackets – THIS WAS ALREADY GROUND BREAKING!

Then in Mid 2020 we increased the testing range to add racket Repulsion, racket Drive capability, racket Overhead shot capability and racket Defence capability scores as well as changing the way we score racket control from our on-court testing giving our users a staggering amount of information on each racket. Please see below:

The smash shot is quite often the winning stroke in badminton and so knowing the smash capability of a racket is hugely important. Our smash test does exactly that recording the shuttle speed in KMH which then automatically gets scored (and we have produced some quite shocking results!!!

Why a weight test? Because the advertised weight of racket is rarely the actual weight of the racket you take onto court and play with, this test gives you the actual playable weight of the racket.

Another crucial aspect of badminton is having control over the shuttle, we now test and score the element of control when we do our on court racket testing

The shaft stiffness has a massive bearing on the performance and feel of the racket as well as having a significant impact on your arm joints too. Using Bespoke made machinery we manage to isolate just the racket shaft to give you a true shaft stiffness measurement.

How quickly your racket can move to reach the oncoming shuttle is crucial when your playing the fastest racket sport in the WORLD!!! This test measures the rackets acceleration through the air in KMH and then automatically gets scored.

This test takes into consideration the balance and weight of the racket giving you an indication as to how heavy the racket will feel to use on court.

This test takes into consideration the balance and weight of the racket giving you an indication as to how heavy the racket will feel to use on court.

On court testing results added in 2020

Here we assess the rackets ability to move, react and control the shuttle following an opponents effort to smash the shuttle cock past us.

Here we look at how easy a racket is to get used to and play most shots with.

Drive test is derived around flat, high speed exchanges at just above net height.  Here the racket needs to be quick and provide sufficient repulsion to ensure the shuttle is hit with high pressure

This measures player effort input vs shuttle flight from racket.  This is test is also conducted during our on court testing and is such a vital component in overall racket performance.

The first shots often learnt in Badminton is the clear, it is probably the most frequently used shot in both singles and doubles. We want our Badminton racket to be able to hit these shots with ease and minimum strain.

We have now tested over 700 rackets across 20+ world manufacturers, this is an unprecedented level of testing exclusive to Badminton Racket Review.

The other great news is the E-Zone is now “Free of Charge” with only a sign up required. The Racket review Ezone includes features like:

The search bar

helps to find specific rackets quickly

The comparison tool

helps to compare up to 3 rackets in astonishing detail

The quick result buttons

want simple straight forward answers, hit any one of these buttons for our latest Top 10 rackets.

The racket filter

Do you have a specific quality you are looking for in a racket or a few specifics? The filter systems gives you full flexibility to search and find what you’re looking for.


> We restring all our rackets using BG65 at 25lbs tension

> We use the same shuttles for all tests the Yonex AS30’s

> We have had the same player doing the on-court testing from the start

> All rackets irrespective of brand or price are tested in the same way

> We always try to make our top tested rackets, strings and shuttlecocks available to buy via our world partners or our own online store.


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