Badminton Racket Guide

If you have any following injuries:

Shoulder Front



Shoulder Back

Or even if you’re starting to feel strain on these body parts when playing Badminton, try changing your racket, you might be surprised how much difference it can make to your body joints and muscles.

All the information below is based on Badminton Racket Review’s own test results. Always take advice from a healthcare professional before continuing to play

Beginners/Player with arm injuries

We would recommend beginners focus on finding a racket that is easy to use and one which does not require a perfect hitting technique so you can enjoy longer rallies. We would also recommend players with arm and shoulder injuries use the same specification as you want to minimise the strain inflicted on your joints.


range of 80g – max 88g


no more than 300mm

Shaft Stiffness

no more than 1.08 or medium flex

Then prioritise the results according to what appeals the most i.e. overall score, smash speed, manoeuvre speed or manufacturer and so on.

Intermediate Players


range of up to 90g


no more than 312mm

Shaft Stiffness

no more than 1.08 or medium flex

You can choose a racket according to any aspect of your game you would like to improvise; so if you have a slow smash, you might like to sort the results according to the racket which produces the best smash speed. If you have a weak or inconsistent defence, then choose a racket with enhanced control, aiming for a low balance point and high manoeuvre speed.

Advanced/Professional Players

As an advanced or professional player, you already know your playing style and have a good idea of what kind of racket works for you. You will also be aware of the amount of rackets on the market with similar specifications. What we help you to determine is which particular racket performs best according to the racket specification you like, using like-for-like comparative testing across hundreds of products and displayed in a high-spec matrix in the Racket Review E-Zone, as well as getting an informed, unbiased, preview of new rackets launched by all the major brands.