Badminton Racket Rigorous Testing

We have been testing badminton rackets for several years now. Every racket is put through 7 key tests in exactly the same way, ensuring consistent and comparable results across all rackets in the Racket Review E-Zone – THIS HAS NEVER BEEN DONE BEFORE!

Below is a highlight of each racket test and its purpose:

Smash Test

The smash shot is quite often the winning stroke in badminton, so knowing the smash capability of a racket is hugely important. Our smash test does exactly that – Recording the shuttle speed in km/h (and we have discovered some shocking results!!!)

Manouevre Test

How quickly your racket can move to reach the oncoming shuttle is crucial when you’re playing the fastest racket sport in the WORLD!!! This test measures the racket’s acceleration through the air in km/h.

Control Test

Another crucial aspect of badminton is having control over the shuttle. Our test may be simple but it is extremely effective in determining this factor.

Weight Test

Why a weight test? Because the advertised weight of racket is rarely the actual weight of the racket you take onto court and play with! This test gives you the actual playable weight of the racket.

Swing Weight Test

This test takes into consideration the balance and weight of the racket, giving you an indication as to how heavy the racket will feel to use on court.

Shaft Stiffness Test

The shaft stiffness has a massive bearing on the performance and feel of the racket, as well as having a significant impact on your arm joints too. Using bespoke machinery we have isolated just the racket shaft to give you a true shaft stiffness measurement.

Balance Point Test

A simple test determining how a racket is balanced with results all displayed in the Racket Review E-Zone with the same terminology for simple comparison.