How to best use the site?

Badminton Racket Review can be either a flexible or decisive platform to use when searching for a racket.


Rackets are rated out of 20 per test (please see racket test page below) which totalled gives us an overall score out of 100 for each racket.


Measures shuttle velocity in km/h


Measure the rackets ability to control the shuttle


Measures the racket head speed in km/h


Rackets are rated according to its weight to smash power ratio.


Rackets are rated according to its weight to manouevre speed ratio.


At the heart of Badminton Racket Review’s website is the Racket Review E-Zone. It allows you to filter results according to every significant aspect of a racket and hone into the top qualities you seek from your racket. You can simply reorder the information presented to you, giving you the best optionality’s for ranking your priorities to smash speed, manouevre, weight, manufacturer and so on. Or if you’re in a hurry, simply click a top-10 category for fast results.

Below is a preview of the Racket Review E-Zone

Below is a preview of the Racket Review E-Zone quick results section


There are 3 primary approaches you can take to choose a racket:

1) By specific area of importance to you i.e. Balance point, control or smash speed

2) By the overall test score of the racket

3) Or by combining two area’s of importance to you which is what we would recommend.  In actual fact we would recommend focusing your attention on overall racket weight and balance point as the most important areas and filtering further from that point. So for example if you like even balanced, flexible rackets, then toggle the balance range, press filter and arrange the Racket Review E-Zone in order of shaft stiffness.

Our Racket Review E-Zone can also be filtered according to level of play i.e. beginner, intermediate or advanced.  To better understand which category your standard of play fits into please click this link to know more about which category of player you would defined as.